Alarm me when a specific mac address is connected

Hi I'm not expecting the feature to be readily available, but maybe it can be built: I wish to trigger an alarm whenever a specific mac address is connected to my wifi. That alarm is ideally on mobile devices.

What's the best way to add such a trigger, and are there developers for hire if I wish to connect such a trigger to a mobile device?


How should this "alarm on mobile" be initiated ? Via SMS, email ... ?

I don’t know if there’re other fast (and less complicated) way but this could be done using the Collectd plug-in that collectd the stats and then send it to a Grafana server that has a built in notification system.

I’m using it for other reasons, for example it sends me an alert when my router temp is over 60°, or there’s a big spike in SQM packets queue etc…

I wrote an article here about this:

You can simply add a Grafana alert when the MAC address is connected and it will be delivered via Pushover, also when it’s disconnected). Indeed I’m doing it also when the temp or SQM are returning to normal value.

But it’s a huge setup to do only this, I hope someone suggest you an easier way!


Thank you! The article is very helpful!

a long time ago I wrote this:

hostapd will run a script upon on event, you could then filter on the mac addr and e.g. send it to a a telegram bot with curl

curl -X POST \
     -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
     -d '{"chat_id": "123456789", "text": ${MAC_ADDR}}' \$TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN/sendMessage
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.. or maybe this :