Airtime Fairness Hardware suggestion needed


I 'm serving Internet access to many users. Often I have 30 to 50 clients on the same access point. It looks like the airtime is my bottle neck. By cable connection, I see the full connection speed of 50 Mbps. By Wi-Fi with a single client connected, I can download with about 25 Mbps. But together with all clients, I see speeds of below 1 Mbps and the cable uplink is occupied with about 5 Mbps only. I assume that some few clients with very slow modulation rates are occupying the airtime and thus clients with faster connections are throttled down unequally much.

I know that putting more access points on different non overlapping channels will help. But on top of that, I like to have the airtime fairness feature on the access point. Is the latest LEDE Version supporting this well enough to use it? Which hardware would you suggest for this (Outdoor use preferred)?

I don't think one single access point can handle 30 to 50 clients, with or without OpenWRT installed. Which access point you are using at the moment?

I'm using a Ubiquity "NanoStation loco M2" from the AirMAX family right now.

They tell a single AP can handle up to 200 clients. Sure they don't say how good this will work in terms of data throughout. For access points from the UniFi family, who have the airtime fairness feature, they say up to 72 clients with this feature on because of the higher system load.

MFG Dirk

How high is the cpu load, when all clients or more then 10 are connected?

CPU is fluctuating between 10 and 50%. RAM is constantly close to 70%.

MFG Dirk