Airtight C-75 with openwrt as dumbAP and PoE

Hi everyone, no issues here, openwrt works great as expected.
Just trying to understand how it works and why it didn’t at first.
I removed bunch of these Access points from an office during upgrade few years ago, since their factory firmware is designed around centralized management, it is useless unless flashed with openwrt.
I’ve flashed couple with 21.02 (only one available at the time) and it wasn’t working properly, sometimes it would freeze up and had to be rebooted. So I just abandoned it until a week ago I saw it’s still supported by Openwrt Community (Thank You guys, without you life experience wouldn’t be the same).
Flashed it with latest 22.03 configured it as DumbAP by following wiki page, YouTube videos and other random sites, and so far so good. It’s is more responsive then I remember it to be and contrary to posted limitations power led does turn green and can be controlled by LED configuration.
The only thing that didn’t work at first is ability to power it with LAN1/PoE port, it only worked with external power supply. Today I decided to look into it again and simple fix made it work, all I had to do is bridge Switch VLANs eth0.1 and eth1.2 in devices: br-lan. I thought I tried it before, not sure if sequence of actions made a difference or what.
Question to you guys: Is eht0 and eth1 devices are somehow different physically? Will bridging these 2 together affect’s Wi-Fi performance?
I can post configs if someone is interested

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according to the git commit they are;a=commit;h=0d96d36841e817f368e86d4af725570d757cb0ca

it shouldn't.

I followed these steps, except image file is newer and made couple additional steps that are not stated there, but probably obvious to many but not to me.
For example if tftp server is not stopped sysupgrade will not happen, it will keep on downloading and booting from kernel image.

that's not really an openwrt issue though, but should be in the wiki page of the device, if there was one.

Who should I reach out to if I would like to share my experience with it? Is there a chance they are aware of it just never bothered to update the page?

If you apply for an account, you can create one yourself.

Im too basic of user to be a contributor to actual developers.
The only reason I posted here is if someone like me browsing through forums for help will see it.
Thanks for the tip.

Wiki isn't developer related though, it's just basic hw and install info.