AirMaster 3100E

MT7620A aready supported by openwrt but i cant install on kztech AM3100E
need some help

Just because the SoC is supported doesn't mean that a given device is. Each device requires a bespoke firmware image that accounts for the design specific elements (GPIOs, ethernet and wifi connections and chipsets, other auxiliary chips, etc.)

You can help determine the supportability of the device and then begin bringing OpenWrt support to this device:

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thank you but mybe installation method is wrong ,i have compatible firmware for that but cant run it and may i use wrong tftp method, and no problem if brick that.

Where did this firmware come from?

i found it on github ,but my modem without usb and sdcard hardware

You need to ask the author/maintainer of the firmware you downloaded. That does not come from the official project, so we have zero ability to support it.

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That fresh firmware is based on a 4+ years old release.

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