Aggregate and encrypt your multiple internet connections

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I am searching for along time for a open-source way to aggregate and encrypt your multiple internet connections.
To my surprise the big ISP called OVH has released a openwrt-based-box which offers this functionality.

For who does not exactly know what aggregate multiple internet connections means;
If you have 3 internet connections (for example 4Mbps DSL, 20Mbps LTE and 50Mbps Fiber connection) and you want to combine all the speed/bandwidth of all the lines together. Thats it. The result will be that your internet connection is able to download 1 file faster that your fastest single connection. In this case the fiber connection of 50Mbps. In theory you can download this file with (4 + 20 + 50 minus overhead is approx.) 70Mbps. It offcourse offers you also a very stable (always-on, 100% uptime) internet connection.
Your CPE (your OpenWRT-box) communicates with a server on the internet (this can be an ISP of your own hosted server) and has a Fat-pipe to the internet.
You can read more about this technique here (and on a lot of other place on the internet);
(BTW; I do not like Speedify as described in this document).

But, back to my question, which is very simple; How can we make this function available in OpenWRT?

OVH has a GIT which show us the OpenWRT code here;
But it is not a complete solutions because the server side is missing.
But we can see the code of the OpenWRT client and maybe it is possible, based on the available sources/information, to configure a server.

It will absolutely be a giant step for OpenWRT if this is available for everyone.

Are you referring to multiwan?

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I think the OP is more along the lines of L3 link aggregation. With two interoperating end points, traffic is tunneled over multiple links. In such a configuration you can manage traffic routing both outbound and inbound. With a single-point system you're at the whim of other systems for the return packets' routing.

Encryption is conceptually separate from the aggregation. One can think of either running an encrypted channel over the aggregate, or encrypting each of the individual links. Advantages and disadvantages with either approach.

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You can look at this project: to see how you can build the server side. The client side of this project is a fork of OverTheBox and share the same ideas.
Enjoy :slight_smile:

As pointed by jeff, multiwan is not able to use all your links for a single download and more importantly the failover does not keep the connections already open.

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