Again, the Shadowsocks for OpenWrt

Shadowsocks has been becoming very important plugin in my daily life to gather the information. But it stopped until I upgrade from 17.01 to 18.01, everything changed. The router becomes very slow and shadowsocks-libev showed new faces... I downgrade to 17.1.06 and expect shadowsocks works again, I failed.

Previously the luci shadowsocks is simple, it seems only few functions are supported but I can let whole house to have SS service over the router. The new GUI is very complicated and hard to understand, but it only supports a socks5 proxy to let all devices use the proxy. Not like before the LAN are not aware of any exists of proxy. Why they need a SS server running on openwrt? Shouldn't the SS server running remotely and openwrt create the tunnel to connect? Maybe I am wrong, anyone can help to explain this. And how can I find the old version of Shadowsocks-lidev?