After sysupgrade i get nl80211 not found

hi there
i have 2 unifi ac mesh ap i upgrade it to 18.06.1 with sysupgrade when its finish i get
this error nl80211 not found. and wireless didnt work on these 2 device when i test interface list with ifconfig i cant see each wlan0 , wlan1 .

Maybe you need to reinstall

libiwinfo - 2018-07-24-94b1366d-1 - Wireless information library with consistent interface for proprietary Broadcom, nl80211 and wext driver interfaces.

Packages installed after the firmware upgrade are not preserved after the flashing of a new firmware.

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Nice sound , I test it same things , other things if I need to reset it to ubnt stock firmeware through tftp it's didn't work and when I insert it in recovery mode with hard reset button and ping to ubnt defult IP there's no response ?!!!

Maybe it would be a better idea to start a new topic regarding rolling back to stock firmware.

Other than that, do you want to continue troubleshooting the wlan issue here?

I think It's same I need go to stock to re-falsh it with openwrt to solve this problem because I get it after I upgrade but if it solve without go back to stock it's good