After I installed Openwrt 19.7.0 my Adblock stopped of work

I had adblock running in Openwrt 18.6.5 perfectly, but after I upgrade to Openwrt 19.7.0 it stopped of work. I installed it like before:

opkg update
opkg install adblock
opkg install libustream-mbedtls
opkg install luci-app-adblock

uci set"1"

uci commit adblock
/etc/init.d/adblock restart

Any ideias?


Why don't you upgraded to 19.07.1? ;- ) Seriously, had also some problems during migration with unbound / dnsmasq. You should enable verbose logging and take a look.

Maybe because it has not been officially announced yet?

You have perhaps overseen my ;- )

Don't worry. If it don't have solution I will wait for the new version... Anyone have idea in how many months it will come?

Only some hours/days away ...already installed it, running fine.

The adblock running 19.07.0 has a different configuration file layout, so if you try to start adblock running 19.07.0 with a config von 18.06.X - this does not work.

Replace the /etc/config/adblock whith the original one from adbock (from the 19.07.0 repo), restart and edit the configuration as you like ...


Thanks Andreas! It worked!

I didn't find the adbock (from thre 19.07.0 repo), but I uninstalled the adblock.

opkg remove luci-app-adblock
opkg remove adblock

And I erased all files the have adblock in its name from /etc/config

After this I set it up again and It Worked!

Thanks a lot!!

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