After 21.02 reboot or network restart the switch wired router port it's hardly reconnecting

Hi everyone, I've got a question regarding a problem I've started recording after my upgrade to 21.02 on my main router; I'm not sure it may be related to OpenWRT but I'm asking your opinion.
My home network it's arranged this way:

  • Main Rooter (Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X) cascade connected to ISP proprietary modem;
  • Switch Netgear GS-108 (un-managed) hardwired on Main Rooter port but in a different room, serving many devices:
  1. Print & Radius Server, running 21.02.2 (static address, no DHCP);
  2. Dummy AP (Netgear RS6220, running 19.x);
  3. Document Server (Ubuntu 18.4), with static address;
  4. VOIP Phone;
  5. Desktop PC;
  6. A Power-Line connecting another sector of the house, as well connecting other devices.

Everything it's working fine (fortunately 21.02 it's very smooth running on EdgeRouter X), but every time I need to reboot the Main Router, or just restart the network, the Switch is loosing the connection with the Main Rooter and I'm able to bring it back on-line only after several reboots or un-plug/re-plug of the Main Rooter connecting cable.
That's particularly annoying because I cannot run any scheduled reboot of the Main Rooter without loosing the connection to all the attached devices.

I started to notice this after the upgrade from 19.x to 21.02 (before EdgeRouter X I was using other devices less performing). Any suggestion on the potential causes?

Thanks in advance

You may have a faulty cable and/or a failing switch.

Do you have another switch you can use? If so, I'd recommend swapping the switch itself with another one so that you can verify that the switch itself isn't the problem.

Similarly, you can move the switch so that it sits next to the ER-X and connect them with a short, known good cable. If that results in reliable connectivity, this would suggest that you have a bad/failing cable currently installed between the ER-X and the switch that is in a different room.

Good points, I'll work on them. I'll need some still moment in network usage but I'll let you know the results.

I have noticed something similar: I have a Samknows Whitebox connected to a LAN port of my 4040 running OpenWRT and then serving my NAS and my desktop. If I reboot the router, the desktop won't get a new IP because it doesn't see a disconnection: as far as it is concerned, the switch in the whitebox never went down and that's the end of it.

So, are you suggesting me it’s something related to the switch firmware, that’s not able to adeguate to network changes? May be if I’m assigning a static address to all the devices connected I should make the switch “convinced” that anything changed and working as usual.

Probably I found a solution. First of all I assigned a static address to all the devices connected to the switch. Then I moved the Main Router line from GS-108 to Print & Radius Server (a 21.02 managed ASUS TR-N14U); once un-plugged the connection from GS-108 and re-plugged to ASUS, the desktop and voip phone even noticed the change. I checked all the connection and are up & running.
I didn't test yet a reboot but I suppose it should work as well.

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