Afoundry EW1200 LEDE firmware crash


I am new in this forum so hope you can give some help about this issue!

Yesterday I donwloaded firmware for the EW1200 and after installing and reboot the system can not log in the router, even when do hard reset. It seems like not respond reseting by pin hole. Tryed many times without success. Have any information about how to restore to the previous firmware or if have any possibility to do by using the USB port?.
Any help will be appreciate.

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How did you try to login? SSH or via webbrowser?

Hi tmomas.

Thanks for your comments

I tryed by web browser but no success.

What I think if can do hard firmware reset or update by USB flashdrive. It can be possible?

Thank you.

Snapshot images do not come with a GUI (LuCI). You have to install it yourself via SSH.