Afoundry AF-EW1200 Hardware Driver Issue Question

I have 4 of these AfoundryAF-EW1200 and really pleased with them also really pleased about the openwrt firmware but quite baffled about the 2.4gHz band stability, because there is no issue whatsoever with the different stock firmware’s, so surely that points to there is no hardware problems so why is there a problem with the openwrt firmware, I'm not moaning I am very appreciative of the work put into it but what like to understand why this is.

İts known problem in your router. Yo can only go back to stock for able to use 2.4ghz.

I was interested why the original drivers are fine but the openwrt drivers can’t be made stable I’m sure it’s not easy and I’m not suggesting otherwise but it just seems odd, if the original design had hardware issues then I would fully understand any driver would not work correctly, but I have had two units run behind my main router for over 2 years no problem at all, thanks for the reply by the way.

Because your devices wifi driver not have been optimized like stock firmware. Openwrt drivers need to be patched to be stable.

Yes that makes sense as Openwrt drivers are used on other routers using the MediaTek MT7603E and because of Afoundry hardware design is different like most manufactures that's where the problem lies it may only be a different capacitor value which makes the difference, but knowing which one is the big question, so have you heard of any driver patch been tried i wonder, yes I'm clutching at straws.

İ dont think there will be 2.4ghz fix for your device. Because there is not much developer for this device.

Thanks anyway still hope, you never know

Yes, thats true. İ hope that there will be fix for your router. Goodbye.