Affecting interface name by mac address

Hi there, since I'm new to openwrt, I would like to know if it was possible to force an interface name, like eth0, eth1... according to the mac address. I observed that sometimes the interface name could change (bios update) or even worse, could be inverted, like eth0 switched with eth1. This could have a disastrous effects. In full linux, I would have used udev .In ubuntu server, this feature is available as standard in netplan. How could I achieve this in openwrt ?

Can you provide the make/model of your device. Is it a x86_64?

What you describe is not normal behavior in OpenWrt.

yes it's an x86 pc. I've not experienced this on this device but with another I've got, an intel nuc NUC7CJYH. After a bios update, there was no network, the interface name was changed. So I would like, as a precaution, to be sure that a particular ethernet port has always the same interface name

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