Advice on router MT7621 (dir-860l)?


i am looking for a locost futurproof router.
for a budget of +- 70 euro i need.
This routeur must be foundable in europe.

mandatory feature:

  1. +- 4 X 1Gb interfafes
  2. support for vlan
  3. wifi n & ac 2.4ghz & 5ghz
  4. a strong cpu

other nice to have feature:

  1. usb3
  2. sata

according this video mediatek sem's to be the next brand to have,

i have found some documentation :[WLAN%20Hardware*~]=MediaTek

I have alredy orderer the afoundry ew1200 from but there are no support.
I have compiled lede for this platform but i am waiting the autorization from manufacturer to open the router in order to access the serial header.

Without reaction from him i will send back this router and buy the dlink dir-860l.
could you advice if is a good router? the range is good?
Is there another router having the same feature ?

I have the DIR-860L (you linked to the 850 btw). Keep in mind only Rev B is supported.

5 GHz is good, haven't tried 2,4 GHz yet. Can't comment on VLAN support myself.

Thanks for you answer :slight_smile:
So you recomand this router?
i have read some stability problem for the wifi on this forum.
Do you have the same problem?

For me, 5 GHz is stable; I don't use the 2,4 GHz radio, but it's said to perform badly in busy environments.

If you have any Linux clients with Intel wireless, you might run into issues (see this thread.

Besides that I'm pretty happy with it; but I hope the iwlwifi/mt76 interaction issues get solved.

For that money you won't find a better router than the 860L.

Fellow DIR-860L B1 user, runs fine in general. Don't really use 2.4GHz so I can't really say anything about the performance but 5Ghz works fine for most uses.

Tanks all, for your feedback.
If no answer from afoundry tomorow il Will sens back the afoundry router to
amazon & order the dlink router.