Advice on a new router/ap


i was evaluating the netgear WAC104 but I've found a note here that says it's a "castrated clone of Netgear R6220".
I had R6220 two years ago but from what i can read from the specs WAC104 seems the same chipset but with more ram than r6220. So why that comment? And what do you think about WAC104? Thanks in advance

The stripped out features would be single core CPU vs. dual, no USB port, four Ethernet ports vs. five.

Do yourself a favour and get an IPQ4018/4019-based one.

Ok for the rest but the CPU should be single core even on r6220 or am i wrong?

No you're right. I thought the R6220 had a dual core chip (MT7621AT) but it is also only the ST. So the WAC104 looks to be a R6220 built out without the WAN port or USB port.

In the MT7621 models, the Xiaomi MIR3G v2 (aka R4 Gigabit) also has no USB port and only 3 Ethernet ports, but it does have an AT dual core CPU and only costs about $30.

there is only avm fritz 4040 on amazon italy, wich i already bought one year ago to discover the install procedure is not working anymore...

Thanks for confirmation, then the challenge if is better a dual core mediatek7621 on the xiaomi or 256mb of ram on the wac. I would prefer the double ram but it's based on my feelings and nothing more..

I really doubt there's more RAM in the WAC104. Amazon for example says its 128/128. All indications are that it's a R6200 board with some parts left out.

I think you are right btw I read 256 on the owrt website