Advice needed for Archer C50v3 factory restore

Hi guys,

My TP-Link Archer C50v3 is running OpenWrt firmware but I wish to revert to OEM firmware. I've checked the OpenWrt support page however details are a little vague regarding this model. does not include specific recovery details for C50v3.

Can someone please provide safe instructions to avoid bricking the device.


Is any of this decipherable to anyone?

It may provide more detail if stripping the header is required.

OpenWrt TFTP instructions for recovering C50v1 stock firmware mention:

To prepare the recovery file cut the first 0x200 (that is 512) bytes from original stock image. f you fail to follow this step you will brick your device, see.

dd if=orig.bin of=tplink.bin skip=1 bs=512

The router looks for the address and a file named ArcherC50V1_tp_recovery.bin (non-windows users, ensure that the case match, specifically that V1 is capitalized in the filename).

Would this be the same for C50v3? Also, I extracted the following from oem firmware:

starting recovery...set serverip 0x80060000 tp_recovery.bin;erase tplink 0x20000 0x7a0000;cp.b 0x80080000 0x20000 0x7a0000...reset

This seems like TFTP recovery is used. I'm not sure about wtdwrite?

TFTP flashed ok and everything is back to normal using this:

dd if=orig.bin of=tplink.bin skip=1 bs=512

Thank you

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