Advice for better "roaming" on network of stock Fritz and OpenWRT Xiaomi R4A

Hello everyone and thank you for this awesome piece of software!

I had had a Fritz 7530 running stock firmware 7.29 in my apartment for some time, as my main VDSL router+wifi. I deployed ethernet to the entire apartment at some point, however there was an explosion of wireless usage due to various laptops, phones, tablets at some point, and certain IoT devices later on. Since the 7530 could not cover the entire apartment I bought a cheap Xiaomi R4A gigabit edition, which I connected over Ethernet to my 7530. The only change is that I've flashed the Xiaomi with the latest stable version, much prefer it of the calling-home firmware!

Now both devices operate in 2,4 and 5Ghz. Fritz presents a SSID mainnet for both bands (not sure if this is good idea) and the Xiaomi a different SSID othernet, also for both bands. I'm wondering how I can set these up, preferably without installing OpenWRT on the Fritz to make it easier for members of the family not proficient with changing networks manually on their Android devices...

There's a multitude of standards for meshes and stuff, but I think (please correct me) that the Xiaomi could at least implement 802.11r for that purpose. Not sure if the new stock firmware (7.56) for Fritz allows for the same protocol.

All in all, I'd be grateful if you could provide some advice on how to have some sort of seamless operation in my flat:

  1. first, is 802.11r something useful and doeable on my setup?
  2. depending on the answer above, how should I set SSIDs/channels on the two boxes. Ie, have things as they are? Have the same SSID for 2,4 on both boxes and another for 5 as well? Have automatic channel selection or fixed?

Please accept my apologies for the number of questions, the learning curve is a bit steep for me :slight_smile:

Please realize that you're asking in the OpenWrt forum. People here are not (always) familiar with stock firmware - I have seriously used a stock firmware years ago.

That said, even without 802.11r, you might get good results if all devices use the same SSID but on different channels. Changing APs when moving will take longer, but for more or less stationary devices this doesn't matter.

Fully understood, no worries. Asked on the chance that someone in this vast community just might be having a similar setup.

I see. So, if I understand correctly, I could use fixed non-overlapping channels on each band for the two devices, with a single SSID. Should I differentiate the bands frequency-wise (that is a net24 and another net50 perhaps) or should I use a single net for both devices and bands?

I would go with a single net. Before enabling 802.11r, I've been using this setup for years (with all-OpenWrt devices).

Thank you!

Out of curiosity, how did enabling 802.11r change your approach?

It didn't, some clients like my Android phone roam faster than without it, some devices don't support it. You can enable it any time, but I don't know if it works with stock firmware(s).

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