Advertising different MTU to Clients?

As u may know, I play around with segment-routing. However, I have issues with the MTU. If I encap from the gateway to the clients and do iperf3 tests, I need to somehow adjust the MTU on the "client-(router)"-side.

I can set the MTU differently on the client directly, on the route to the gateway, or on the interface that goes to the gateway.

I thought via ra_mtu I could advertise a max-mtu? Somehow the clients do not respect those settings? That would be the easiest solution for me.

Doesn't PMTUD work in your case?
It may require permissive firewall rules for ICMP.

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Actually, I always thought it should... Debugging this, I already saw errors that were signaling "Package To Big". It seems that they do not arrive at the corresponding target. I will inspect that in more detail, but currently I was searching for a workaround.

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I think i will put all that segment-routing stuff, to some wiki artikel.

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BTW, if someone reads that here, I would prefer inline ecanspulation. I had to rewrite my xdp stuff to inline, since IPQ40XX SOCs suddenly went crazy (with outer encapsulation). ^^

Okay, I have to correct me. Use encap whenever possible, but if u need to use inline, you have to de-encapsulate the packets yourself, if the endpoint is not in the segment-list itself (e.g. you want to send it to your clients). You can do this with XDP, like I did here.