Advertisement links on LEDE Resources for technical information

While searching the LEDE forum I came across Resources for technical information and one site struck me as odd, While it has some useful information it seems to me that the site is mainly focused on selling a $40 program, Every page click is pushing this application to the visitor's.

I feel this site's main objective goes against the spirit of open source software.

LEDE forum page:

Link to site:

You mean this?

I find this easy enough to ignore, when searching for user manuals.
It does not blink, it does not otherwise try to get my attention, and it has a clear message: If you lost your router password, click here, and even without following the link, you know that it will cost you (the link goes to .../store).

I will keep it in for now and monitor, how much of a use it is for finding missing information.

On further investigation it turned out to be not as useful as thought.
Therefore removed the link again.