aDSL router/modem recomendation

Hello, first I'm total newbie to this so be warn ! :))

I want to change my current router for custom to get openWRT mainly for customization (i want to turn on/of wi fi at certain times a day)

My current router/modem is

I'm looking for something that also support aDSL

RAM/Flash = enough to run openWRT and 2 pc + 2 phones over wi-fi
LAN/Wifi speed = Best if it will have Fast Ethernet for future router only role when i will switch to FTTH if that is not possible this can be ignore - WiFI speed 2.4ghz its enough
USB ports = not important
budget = around 50-70 usd (used prefered so orignal price can be higher)
currently i have found this one
used on sale
its 1.2

my question is, if this is ok? is there something better?
and what this paragraph means :

"switch is passing traffic (tagged + untagged), but passing it to all ports"
dose it decrease performance? make some other issues? or is it only security problem?

Look (only!) at the list of vr9/ VRX2xx devices, and make sure to get one matching your required ADSL annex(!). Yes, those are vectoring capable VDSL modems, but they will do ADSL (provided you got one for the correct annex) just fine and are more modern than its (barely tested-) predecessors. For all practical intents and purposes, you want QCA/ Atheros dual-band (802.11ac) wireless.

If you're in an annex A region (the annex wouldn't matter for VDSL, but for ADSL it still does) and located in ~Europe, the is usually the most attractive option (read the device page, doing the initial flashing is not trivial, but many sellers offer them pre-flashed with OpenWrt).

Well thanks for replay, I look at this BT Home Hub 5 but its UK and shipping to Poland is more expensive then device it self;(

so i will need something else,

where can i check the annex for ADSL? is it specific for country or region like Europe? and type A will work for Poland also

from what u are writing the device I pointed out seams to fit
VRX268 / VRX208 - TP-Link TD-W8970 v1

but i still dont know if I should be concern about this bug i wrote about above
"switch is passing traffic (tagged + untagged), but passing it to all ports"

It's still cheaper than basically anything else, and remains within your budget.

well when I'm looking what is available locally (used) in Poland and its cheaper or similar price around 18 gbp there are:
TP-Link TD-W8980 = 20 gbp
TP-Link TD-W8970 = 16 gbp
TP-Link TD-W9980 = 27 gbp
Astoria networks VGV7519 = 8 gbp

this is what is available what would u pick?

Neither of those.
Neither of them come with more than 8/64 - most come with rt2x00 wireless (works, but not very well), one with lantiq WAV300 wireless (unsupported, no chance to ever be supported) and most are 2.4-GHz-only.

There is a reason why the BTHub5 is regarded highly, 128/128 and Atheros 802.11ac concurrent dual-band wireless.


I will second that recommendation, for ADSL most devices are Annex A (ADSL coexistence with plain old telephony systems (POTS)) only a few are Annex B (ADSL coexistence with ISDN, which requires to exempt more low frequency subcarriers from DSL use, was common in countries with bigger ISDN roll-out like Germany). That said, the SoC of the HH5A is not the beefiest, and I ended up configuring mine to act exclusively as bridged modem (albeit with a nice OpenWrt GUI instead of BT's original GUI) which it did well. But in my case the issue was that the unit was not powerful enough to do VDSL/NAT/firewalling/PPPoE/traffic shaping close enough to my link's 100/40 Mbps nominal speed, maybe for ADSL with its theoretical limits around 20/5 Mbps it might be fast enough, but even the I have my reservations.

Yes, it is a nice unit, except for the CPU(s) which are getting a bit long in the tooth :wink:

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Hmm but can you use BT Home hub 5 as a swtich in the future for FTTH? Wan port is to slow but i don't know if LAN to LANan would work for sure in that case?

What I mean is that in the future i will not need ADSL modem but could I use this ADSL modem to extend network FHHT base trough LAN to LAN (bc WAN to LAN is to slow)

Sure, the MaxLinear (formerly Intel resp. Lantiq) VR9 SoC comes with a nice integrated gigabit switch which is even supported by a mainline DSA driver.

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