ADSL router for home use

Hi All,
I hope you are doing fine.
I want to change my existing router from ISP: Sagemcom CS 50001.
It was OK for years but:

  1. the ISP is recently playing some tricks, frequent over night at 1:00am maintenances and the device does not come back on it's own. I don't know if they are pushing some firmware or some other updates but this device does not yield any system information apart from uptime.
  2. I don't use 5G which is faulty on this device (admitted by the ISP)
  3. this router has no antennas and I think because of that the Wifi is a bit slow, I found that conference calls work better over my mobile network on my smart phone than on home wifi that supposed to be 802.11 b/g/n (up t 144 Mb/s). As a note there is not many neighbour Wifi AP that could impact the signal.

I had in the past a Linksys router with your OpenWRT but it was not an ADSL router so I had to use it as an AP only.
Would you recommend any good OpenWRT compatible router that supports ADSL that supports up to 100Mb/s connection down / 20Mb/s uload and decent WiFi?
I can manage with 4 LAN ports but 5 or 6 would be better for the future.

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However, I believe it only supports VDSL and not ADSL, so you would need to find out, what exact network technology it is that you are using.


I use a BT Hub 5. works nicely with the new 20.04 RC. However i replaced the wifi with a ubiquiti ac-lite as its range is far better for me. As an all in one simple router with 4x gigabit lan ports its ideal and pretty cheap from ebay.

How to install OpenWRT/LEDE on HH5A using Windows -

Guides there to flashing OpenWRT on to it. Or just buy one preflashed from ebay.

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Also. Regarding ports. Don't worry about how many ports a router provides. If you require more just get a cheap gigabit switch and daisy chain your router to the switch. Its cheaper, easier and far more powerful solution as you don't have to replace the router. Just expand the switch or even get 2nd hand ex corporate rack mount switches if you want to wire every room up.

8 port switches are 20-40 quid. Its not worth paying silly money to get a router with lots of ports when a switch is more cost effective.

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Mine is with ADSL port for RJ11 phone cable,
I think VDSL is for both RJ11 and coaxial what Virgin Media uses (a cable service) so perhaps it comes in two types depending what is the medium used by an ISP.
I think I stated incorrectly because ADSL is just old standard because to get 100Mbit speeds you need VDSL2 and this router is capable of VDSL2 but I cannot find an original spec of this BT Hub One originally Sagemcom 50001

Did you flash this one yourself? It's not that easy.
I can see offers on eBay but they all come with v19.07.8
Can you then re-flash to the latest from the UI?

VDSL is a faster standard than ADSL, for telephone lines. Virgin use Docsis on their coax.

VDSL is used for openreach provided FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) services.

Regardless the BT Hub 5A / Plusnet hub one supports both ADSL Annex A only (ADSL over POTS as used in UK) and VDSL.

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While not exactly easy, I did it several times already without any much trouble.

Yes, of course.

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yes i did. takes a usb to serial interface to do and some lead wires and some time :stuck_out_tongue:

If you get one with 19.07 you can upgrade it in place to the newer RC or just leave it on 19.07.

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You either need to solder some wires to the PCB, or use one of the no solder methods to connect a USB serial adaptor to flash it the first time.

As the pads are quite small, and I had several routers to flash, I used a modified keystone jack , I posted details here:-

Another method uses tape and tinfoil, but some people have removed components with the tape:-

Make sure you get a type A if buying a BT Hub 5A on ebay, the type B looks the same externally, but is not supported by openwrt. Fortunately there is only one type of Plusnet hub ones, although that still didn't stop one ebayer sending me the wrong router (a hub zero), which the only similarity to his listing was that is is white!

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Ok great, thank you everyone.
It makes sense to salvage, reuse the existing device and put a better software on it rather than bin it and buy a new device.
I definitely support this ideology especially in the times when consumerism has overheated and plastics are piling up.

How do you distinguish between BT Hub 5 A and B but you said all Plusnet Hub Ones are type A. Ok.
Mine says Sagemcom CS 5001 on the sticker, the old Hub One I still have does not mention Sagemcom, that place on the sticker is left blank.

There's a label on the bottom, that says home hub 5 type A

It is also made by Sagecom, but I don't think that is labelled.

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