ADSL for fritzbox 7530?

Are there any working solutions for adsl and lan or fiber for the 7530 version?
What are the best alternatives in 2022?

I found this:

Does it support adsl? Do the 4040 support adsl? I have a zyxel that supports adsl, but flashing seems complicated though... i could use one for adsl and one for normal internet. Or one "universal" solution if anyone can recommend a model that supports both adsl and regular internet. What are the alternatives for the 7530? thanks!
If 4040 supports both i'm buying one. I thought the 7530 version supported both though.

OpenWrt only supports (up to-) the older vr9/ VRX2x8 lantiq chipsets so far, the 7530 (non-ax) however uses a newer -currently unsupported- lantiq VDSL chipset (attached to an ipq4019 SOC). Efforts to get this xDSL modem working are underway, but not merged (nor fully working) at this point. With the 7530AX, AVM switched to an all-Broadcom platform, which isn't supported and 'never' will be.

The 4040 doesn't contain any xDSL modem hardware, it's just a plain router without modem- or phone features.

What?! WHEN? I don't need another router then! When will that work? A month? Weeks? Thanks for the info! So both regular internet and adsl could work in theory then, and might work!? Or do i need separate routers?

It's opensource, being worked on in the developers' spare time, there are no schedules. If you want something working now, you need to go shopping - and are always worth exploring - or adding a simple xDSL modem (running OpenWrt or the OEM firmware, as long that supports bridge mode; quite a few options between 5-20 EUR on the second hand market) in front of a 7530/ 4040/ anything other OpenWrt supported wifi router.

Thanks! Ok so the homehub_v5a supports everything? Both regular internet and adsl? Is it easy to flash also? Yeah i'm going with that is it's the case.. And working now.. It would be good to have both options if you would travel or just having a good open source router that would last for many years to come! Thanks for the info.

The BT Home Hub 5 Type A is fully supported by OpenWrt, but its hardware is annex-A-only - this doesn't matter for VDSL, but it would for ADSL, so it depends on what your ISP requires/ where you're located. Germany (just guessing, based on your preference for AVM hardware) usually requires annex-B ADSL modems, which would rule out the BT Home Hub 5 Type A for ADSL (again, VDSL would work just fine), but there are other options as mere ADSL modem (see the vr9, VRX268/ VRX288 based devices from

Thanks.. yeah i'm looking for a router that's open source and supports everything ! Adsl, vdsl, and works all around the world. That would be good to have. :slight_smile: That or having two routers that covers it all. It would be good to have open source routers that would work all over the world let's say.. Which one or two would you pick? Linux, or linux firmware should be able to manage/handle that... The code.. And hardware.. Just one or two routers that you could use for a lifetime lets say.. or many years to come. No need to buy backdoored or blob routers from ISP's then, and instead going open source owning a router instead of renting from isp. :slight_smile: ADSL, DSL. VDSL, fiber or whatever is needed. Sounds good to me! Just a good router. Better then the mainstream ones. And cheaper! A robust open source "universal" router is what i'm after. Or two if needed.
Which two would the forum recommend that lasts many years and having easy installs?


THANKS! :slight_smile: I will donate to openwrt's organisation or developers later on in life if you have a option for that.. wait and see. Might take a while, like years hehe, but you will see. Cheers! :beers: Peace
edit: I might write about it and spread it even amongs devs i guess.. if that would be appreciated. yeah..
that's how i feel about open source routers vs renting closed sourced backdoored ISP routers.. :slight_smile: A worldwide issue.

the hub5 is ok as long not too heavily loaded. I used to use it a while back. The wifi however is "average". Against a real AP theres no contest. I added an AP (a ubiquiti AC-Lite) and its miles better than the onboard wifi. That being said you can start with just the hub5 and add an ap and disable the onboard wifi so the hub 5 acts purely as router/xDSL modem and get a few more cpu cycles out of it.
(if you are in the uk i do have a pair of the homehub5s i offered for sale but no one took me up on it. I still have the original firmware backup incase u wanted to return them to BT software. Also have the passwords and cards for them. Theres a setup guide linked from the wiki that explains it all)

You can also run AdGuardHome on it for filtering but its VERY tight for space and ram.

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Except that the bthub5 is annex A only, while the OP apparently requires annex B (and that matters for ADSL) or maybe annex J; admittedly, this question hasn't been answered clearly, but it's on the table.

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that... would be problematic.

I do recall seeing a annex A to B patch in the firmware folder. Is just a firmware flip required or its it real hardware support required. (I've never really looked into that and wondered. I think there was an annex B BT Hub but i think it was broadcom?)

(edit.) apparently not.

Yes, both bootstrap resistors and a whole bunch of analogue components for the bandfilter are involved here - the bthub5 physically can't do it.


Thanks! I'm trying that next time haha. I bought a router i thought had an easy install. I'm sitting with a flasher and... yeah.. Not sure what i'm doing. "core/openwrt booting a router" or trying to.. Hmm. Looks good! Better installation.. Peace

So the fritzbox dont support adsl at all then... its unlucky.. I would have saved time.. Trying to get this zyxel to get adsl with a flasher and i dont know what im doing..

Just a tought, get your self a reasonable nice/beefy non-DSL router and install OpenWrt on this, and just combine this with an external "media-converter" for what ever link technology short of ethernet you need to use where in the world you happen to be.

E.g. I use a turris omnia (I happen to like their automatic updates) as primary router, combined with a HH5A running OpenWrt but being configured as "dumb" bridged modem (but I can easily exchange that "modem" with any other modem/DOCSIS-modem/ONT that can be operated as bridged device or worst-case operate the OpenWrt router behind an additional NAT layer if need be).
I tried to use the HH5A under OpenWrt as a complete all-in-one WiFi DSL router, but that did not have enough CPU cycles for everything I wanted at 50/10 (it now is doing 116/37 @VDSL2 in bridged configuration but is already at its limit when under full bidirectional saturation).

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Thats a great thought... would it work though? Or do you need an adsl router.. thanks
Do you know if people flash serial routers through putty or write commands in terminal with tftp by the way? Do they plug in electricity or do flashers and small cables alone power it, and do you need ethernet cables for it or not? tftp.. a bit off-topic, but still.. thank you

That depends, an HH5A will likely not work as ADSL modem in Germany, but I was only giving that as an example, but e.g. the (broadcom-based) Zyxel VMG1312-B30A can be configured as bridged-modem as well (I used one of those as bridged modem for VDSL2 before, again did not try ADSL).

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It would be a good solution! To flash the 7530 and use an adapter! I will look it up some later time..

For what it is worth, here is a thread about getting OpenWrt VDSL working on the 7350... still looks pretty experimental and I think nobody tested ADSL... That said, IIRC, current modems optimized for VDSL2 are not necessarily optimal for marginal ADSL links.

Alright... Sounds good. Yeah i don't know how it all works. I just know there are different internet connections in houses. Don't know the difference between vdsl and adsl. The hub 5.0 seems good though.