Admin user addition in WebUI & ssh via admin user

Hi All,

I am working on standalone AP & facing below issues, so need some input or suggestion on below points.

  1. Whenever user will login to standalone WebUI user should be able to login as an admin with some default password but right now in our case by default user is login as a root with no password, after login user can set the password.

So please let me know in Openwrt code in which files we can make changes to solve our login profile issue & we can add admin as an user with some default password?

  1. We need to do ssh via admin user not as a root. So where to make changes in the Openwrt code so that we can able to do ssh via admin user?

Kapil Shukla


Thanks, I will check.


The file "sysauth.htm" is not present in this location "/usr/lib/lua/luci/sysauth.htm" but it is present in below mentioned location. So now in this case what we can do?