AdGuardHome showing only one ipaddress in top clients

I've upgraded my openwrt router to ver 22.03.1 and ofcourse I lost my extroot and AGH configuration.
After installing both (same as I did before), I'm seeing only one ipaddress in the AGH top clients list. (ipaddress of router)
With my former configuration, I saw every client individually.
I've searched the web but can't find a solution.
Can someone help me to solve this little culprit?

Thank you very much

Disable, or change DNS port of dnsmasq's DNS server, so AGH can use it instead.


I installed AGH on DNS port 5353 and added list server ''

isn't that enough?

sure, if you're OK with the result you're seeing, and not the one you asked about ...


You have installed AGH behind your router dns. That's why this is happening.

Follow this thread instead

Thank you, I installed AGH following an older manual like I used to install it.

Then I removed everything and installed follwing the manual on this link :

Now it's working like a charm. Thank you for your help all

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Just as a FYI. The opkg version is an older version (107 branch) It also doesn't fully save all your data. The filters/logs etc are saved to ram and when you reboot these are lost/redownloaded.
The edge builds are newer and don't rely on OpenWrt devs for updates. It saves all data/filters/logs to /opt on your router.

I consider AGH not to be fully "stable" in terms of releases. Its still an active project and evolving as they improve things.
Both stable and edge builds are usable, just the edge builds get faster bug patches.

That being said I haven't seen many complaining but having a read through AGH's bug reports may help you decide which version to use.

I installed AGH using this link : [How-To-Updated 2021] Installing AdGuardHome on OpenWrt [Manual and opkg method]

But modified the script a bit so it uses /opt/AdGuardHome as install dir from this link: [HowTo] Running Adguard Home on OpenWrt

why? my script installs the edge build into the /opt folder. My thread is the updated version of the old thread. the opkg version installs differently due to how its packaged.

Hi, yesterday I installed AGH using your script and after a reboot at midnight, the /opt was empty and AGH was removed.
So I modified the script, downloading the 107.16 version from into /opt and after a reboot, it remains in that folder.
I still don't understand why the other older installation shows only one ipaddress.

ok so u modified the script to pull the stable version instead of edge version? that will work fine. It also avoids using the opkg version so your AGH should be updatable directly from the AGH team via web updates

Your older installation put AGH behind dnsmasq so clients talked to the router and then to agh. That means that as far as AGH is concerned its the router asking for sites, not the clients. That was an older method of install that has been depreciated and changed for replacing dnsmasq with AGH for proper functioning. It does state this in the wiki entry.

You will also not benefit from being able to see the DNS requests made by each client if AGH is not your primary DNS resolver as all traffic will appear from your router.

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