AdGuardHome Package Missing

It seems that the adguardhome package is missing in the repository.

Any ideas what happened to it?

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Hang tight. Working on a fix with the package maintainer.


Was the fix already merged upstream? The package is still missing :frowning:

Waiting to get merged.

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@SiNONiMiTY If you need it urgently I can compile you a ipk you can install via opkg locally by uploading the ipk to your router. If you let me know your router arch and model, I can build a package.

Hopefully the patch gets merged in soon, just waiting on the OpenWrt devs to have the final OK on it. There's a fair few PRs waiting, but I'm sure they'll get around to it when they can.

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Thanks for that @jamesmacwhite :slight_smile:

I am just eager to be able to build images again using my existing script, without removing the adguardhome package and installing it manually :smiley:

Will wait for the patch to get merged, thanks for your hard work.

Good news, the change has now been merged, on the next package build run, AdGuardHome should be back in the package feeds.


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