Adguardhome + Dnscrypt Proxy 2 setup guide needed

Hi, with the help of this forum I could succeed in setting up openwrt with Adguardhome and banip together to work without any problem.
At last i wanted to setup Dnscrypt-Proxy 2 in my current configuration. But nowhere here I found a guide to do this.

Will I get a helping hand here on how to setup please???

I have a Rpi4 4GB with USB Gigabit Adapter, just for the info.

Thanks in advance

checked Davidc502- wrt1200ac wrt1900acx wrt3200acm wrt32x builds - #5310 by RuralRoots ?

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I tried to follow it yesterday. In the mean time I somehow messed up and last Internet connection.
I followed exactly as in the guide explained, even then I failed to set it up properly.
I will try one again today evening and will try to get help here incase of difficulties.


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You don't need DNSCrypt. - AGH supports encrypted DNS internally and it is just a matter of choice as to which method you use and what servers you put in. - Configuring Upstreams

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Oh I see, I don't need dnscrypt proxy when I use Adguardhome???
What about dns over https? Do I need it or its not required? Will there be any slowdown in Internet if I use dns over https?

I finally want to setup Unbound in my current setup of Adguardhome + banip + Dns over https + Dnscrypt-Proxy 2.
Is it possible or really needed?
All I want is that low latency and adblock with secured Internet browsing.

Any help in this direction or am I asking for too much???

you dont need unbound or any other plugin.

AGH does it all internally and will do any varient of encrypted dns. DoH, DoT, DoQ. All you have to do is pick the provider you wish to use.

Theres a list of all the providers for ease of use. Just use AGH's setup and pick your provider and which protocol you want.

Here's how I set it up.

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Thank you. That clears all my doubts. I will be happy to continue use Adguardhome.
Dns over https is also not needed according to you right???
In AGH, I have difficulties in setting up encryption, I mean doh/dot... Can you simplify the process further so that I can set it up easily pls???

if you read my linked post it has a breakdown of the full process but the bit you require in particular is this : - Configure upstreams

On your AGH web interface open the DNS settings page and then configure your provider as you want.

so I use Cloudflare.

Then I setup the bootstrap servers. - Cloudflare DNS info.

No need to setup plugins or anything. Just put in the info and save it. Job done.

I want to tell you one thing, when I only setup AGH, I still see ads, but not when I setup other addons. Can you explain why it is? How can I block 100% ads with only AGH setup?


The default filter set in AGH is only tiny.

Add more filters for more blocking of adverts. I have a basic set of filters I use that is in my post but there are other filter lists out there you can add to AGH.

I guess I used oisd full, energized protection and StevenBlack hosts all three together. with all of them I could easily go Beyond a million of ad blocking. You mean that is too less? May be I don't know. I have to recheck it. I will check it and get back to you

Just add them to your AGH. You may need to reboot your clients so they clear their DNS cache.

Hi, which provider among them do you suggest me for Europe (Germany) ? I tried all of them, but find almost no difference in speed / Performance.

plenty of providers out there. Take your pick.

Its honestly down to what you require from them. Some just provide DNS. Some offer family filtering and anti malware. < List of providers from AGH team

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately cloudflare doesn't have that dns over Quic service.
I will try different servers by myself and see which one gives me best performance.

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