Adguardhome: 53: bind: address already in use

I installed adguardhome using this wiki:

But I can't log onto the webinterface. From ssh after running:

AdGuardHome -v -c /etc/adguardhome.yaml -w /var/adguardhome --no-check-update

I get this below:

[fatal] couldn't start forwarding DNS server: listening to udp socket: listen udp (IP Changed) bind: address already in use

I ran:

netstat -nlp | grep 53

and got: (again, I have changed the IP)

udp        0      0  *                           2998/dnsmasq
udp        0      0  *                           2998/dnsmasq
udp        0      0 *                           2998/dnsmasq
udp        0      0 ::1:53                  :::*                                2998/dnsmasq

install luci-app-adguard it support redirect ports and in setup make adguard port anything but 53 you must install luci-compat also

@isslam thanks a lot. I then should uninstall the version, which is not the 'app' version I currently have installed? any ideas how; the commands, etc.

you can use luci web interface or this comand opkg remove AdGuardHome --force-depends

@isslam thanks a lot. that's done. now to installing the version you mentioned. what's the difference, can I please ask? and why is that not on the wiki I sent earlier. perhaps you don't know the answer to the second question :slight_smile:

i think the version i mentioned is the updated version it is from adguard offical github page

@isslam thanks. it does not seem so.

the problem is dnsmasq uses the port 53 when you install luci-app-AdGuardHome you will have redirect option