AdGuard Home: New wiki page

Hi all,

There's been a lot of great community written guides and how to threads related to AdGuard Home on OpenWrt. More recently there has been an effort to pull all of these great guides together to form the the official wiki page for AdGuard Home, which is here:

Some of the guides were written before the official adguardhome package existed in the opkg repo, however since the 0.107.0 release, the opkg package is a lot more usable and it was decided the wiki page should exist to promote this and also incorporate best practices with configuration and setup. You can of course run AdGuard Home without the opkg package if you wish.

I've also flagged the wiki page with the AdGuard Team:, if they would want to link to it in the official AdGuard Home wiki.

Anyone who wants to contribute to the AdGuard Home OpenWrt wiki, please go ahead!