Adguard Home can't resolve Wireguard/VPN DNS

Adguard Home not work with Wireguard VPN

I am able to get PureVPN Wireguard client running fine on my Openwrt router

However, when I setup AdGuard Home (even if I change the DNS of the Wireguard to point to the gateway IP and set the VPN DNS in upstream DNS servers in Adguard) - it doesn’t work

What I can get to work is setting another DNS in AdguardHome but this causes the DNS to effectively leak - showing, for example, both the VPN DNS and Cloudflare and sites such as Netflix/iPlayer etc won’t work

So I’m really unsure of how to get just the VPN DNS resolving when using it alongside AdguardHome

Hopefully someone has come across this or has tips - otherwise I can only run either AGHome or Wireguard