Adding your own package to existing Feed

Does anyone have instructions on how to add a package (from local directory) to existing custom feed. This question has been asked before with no responses

I have read the documentation but this section needs to be written.

@stangri you have experience maintaining personal custom feeds. Could you give me some directions? Thanks!

Found instructions here added src custom file:///<base_imagebuild_dir>/my_package didn't seem to work.

you can put them in the ./package/ directory, or, if you are comfortable with git, just go into feeds/packages and work in there. The benefit for this is that it's easier to PR, but slightly more difficult because you relly should rebase rather than pull for updates.


I don't have any experience maintaining a custom package feed, I have an experience of building packages without the custom feed. What I do is:

  • place your package(s) into feeds/packages/stangri/ (of SDK)
	ln -f -r -s "feeds/packages/stangri/${pkg_name}/" -t "package/"
	ln -f -r -s "feeds/packages/stangri/${pkg_name}/" -t "package/feeds/packages/"
	make package/"${pkg_name}"/{clean,refresh,compile} -j$(($(nproc)+1)) V=sc 

Good luck!


Instead of calling ln, just run ./scripts/feeds update -i -f and ./scripts/feeds install -a -f

The first will Force ReIndex the feeds (important if something moves from feeds/packages to the core, for example), and the second Force Installs all packages in the index (important for the same reason as above).


Thank you @Grommish @stangri for clear and precise information! Much appreciated.

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