Adding WiFi extenders to OpenWrt device

I planned to get couple of WiFi extenders to add to my X86 OpenWRT router. Is it possible to configure them using any available methods? The wifi extenders cannot be accessed to do any configurations such as changing SSID and passwords. All and any configurations has to be done in my openwrt router itself. The extenders has a single LAN port only with MAC id's. Can someone let me know is there a way to get it working? Thanks.

Are they extenders or access points?

Can't you just connect them to the LAN port on the router? What else do you need?

I don't understand if this is an OpenWrt problem or not, are the wifi extenders running OpenWrt or stock firmware?
Did you read the manual of the wifi extenders? What did you buy?

Unfortunately there’s not much information available about this Wi-Fi extender at this moment. I believe it is exclusively tied to an ISP here. Actually this extender comes pre-paired with default SSID and password and it should be able to just work out of the box by connecting it to a lan port of OpenWRT router.

As of now I will just give a pass for this setup because I can’t really find further information and not much discussions going on. My apologies. The picture here is for info only.

From the FAQ:

You will be able to use the devices anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. However, you must be a Singtel Fibre Broadband subscriber to purchase the devices.

Seems like cloud-controlled hardware, i.e. the worst kind of devices as they rely on a remote server for configuration and control, and you must use an app if you want to configure them.

also from their FAQ:

You can use the respective WiFi Mesh app available from the Play Store/App Store to manage your network settings.