Adding VLAN subinterfaces on bond0? libteam on Wrt?

Ahoy ahoy friends.
Currently i am trying to adapt my x86 ROAS setup to work with a 4x interface bonding.
So i have created the bond0 interface, and instead of using e.g. a single eth0.110 for Management, i wanted to use bond0.110. Unfortunately it doesn't work as expected, as i am used to on Linux with libteam.
I was surprised why i had to assign an IP address for the bonding, in teamd from libteam it wasn't necessary.
Is libteam available for OpenWrt? On my servers i create a team0 interface, and i can simply create subinterfaces like team0.110, and team0.3 and it works.
What am i doing wrong? Or do i have to create like eth0.110, eth1.110 , eth2.110 and eth3.110 and have to create a bonding using these 4 subinterfaces? This would be quite awful, doing that for a huge amount of VLANs and would require a lot of work.

That's how it looks like, but it doesn't work this way.
The LAG is up and running, both on OpenWrt and on the switch's side.

Thanks in advance!

Hey, the problem has been solved.
I have checked ip -a and there is a bonding-bond0 interface, and a bond0 interface.
The bonding-bond0 interface is the one, created by LuCi when typing in "bond0" as a name, it prepends bonding- in front of it.
So i have created interfaces now, using "bonding-bond0.123" instead of "bond0.123" and now it works!

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