Adding USB Wifi dongle to GL-iNET AR300M16

The travel router AR300M16 does not support USB Wifi dongle, at least not in such a way that it show up in the web interface (Luci with look and feel som GL-iNet ?).
Connecting a long range USB Wifi antenna to pick up a weak signal from a hot-spot some distance away (camping, boating etc) and then use the router to provide local Wifi coverage would be great.

So far I have discovered that the the USB Wifi dongle show up as a new device in dmesg. It states that a new device is found using the ehci-platform. This might not imply that the actual Wifi hardware is supported, only the USB connection. If so how do I enable support for the Wifi dongle? There is a distinct difference between opkg and apt. Updating the web interface might be a different matter as this is is a version from GL-iNet.


OpenWrt, direct or from the GL.iNet builds, don’t include “extra” drivers because so many devices don’t have hundreds of spare MB of flash.

You can search for and load the driver through LuCI (“Advanced” from the GL.iNet GUI).

Not all chips have drivers and many (most) USB wireless devices are not reliable for AP use. They are generally designed to be clients.

I found the software and package section as you said, installed the driver for the dongle, mtu7601u, kernel module and firmware. How do I test if the module etc work correctly ?

However, I have difficulties setting up the USB dongle as client for the remote wifi network and connecting it the internal wifi to provide local access to the internet via the remote connection.

It would be nice if it would be an option like 3G/4G modem or tethering in the meny. This mode is what I actually need, to connect to the internet via USB-wifi, the rest is normal setup for the router.

Could you please provide me some hints how to set this up ?

I feel that I'm beginning to zero in on the target.


As you’re running the GL.iNet firmware and it includes packages and UI for this kind of “repeater” operation, I would ask on a thread on their boards if it isn’t clear in the GL.iNet UI.

For OpenWrt, installing the travelmate package would be my suggestion, but the GL.iNet image already includes something similar, I believe.

Thanks for putting me on the right path, after some work I got things set up as I wanted.
I made some documentation (lazy, screendumps, little text) at my project pages forYacht computing.

Now crew members can access the router and hence the internet by pointing to algol/ and connect and assign a shore station. Quite a bit like the more costly redbox mostly used by yachtsmen.


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