Adding TP-Link RE305 v4, please

Hi there,
I have installed openwrt on my
TP-Link RE305 v3 all works finde.
Now i reorder this extender but the new device is
TP-Link RE305 v4

How can i edit the config file of the factory Installation File?

I need a workaround, because i need Openwrt on my
TP-Link RE305 v4 next week :confused:

Openwrt Team can you Help me?

you own it (soon) you'll be adding it.

however ... Support for TP-LINK RE305 V3 - #58 by dsouza

I already own it.

Thanks for the link. I try to add it. I hope i could do this.

then I hope it doesn't have < 16mb flash, that's a dead end.
8mb devices are EOL too, after the upcoming release.

V3 has 64mb
I hope v4 too

no dude, it doesn't.

flash <> ram

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FFFFFF :rage: dann! OK thanks for this information