Adding sysupgrade for new device

At the moment I either use TFTP from uboot or mtd write directly to the firmware partition.

I would like to use the Luci system upgrade feature. However on the MAC1200R v2 this is not enabled. Where do I start looking to modify some system files that will allow me to use upgrade?


And if needed for your platform:

Look over those directories from other models if they do not exist in yours already for hints.

Thanks. I looked at the and couldn't find anything different then some other device I'm using (with working sysupgrade feature). Because of that I was thinking maybe I should look somewhere else too.

Turns out there is a discrepency between the and the in the name convention. Looks like that is the same reason why I couldn't get the LEDs to work on my board :frowning:

I broke it with I'll commit a fix later the day.

No, looks like you are about to fix it. It never worked until now. But yes, it's the little "-" that makes all the difference :wink:

Well, it worked till I broke it. Anyway, I've committed a fix.