Adding support for VRX518 (and maybe VRX320)

I think it's close to getting merged, so okay, done, rebased on top of the DSA PR.

Note that you can't upgrade as usual from a non-DSA build to a DSA build.

As a one time migration you can edit /etc/config/network and change

config device
	option name 'br-lan'
	option type 'bridge'
	list ports 'eth0'


config device
	option name 'br-lan'
	option type 'bridge'
	list ports 'lan1'
	list ports 'lan2'
	list ports 'lan3'
	list ports 'lan4'

and then sysupgrade --ignore-minor-compat-version -u openwrt-ipq40xx-generic-avm_fritzbox-7530-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin.

This worked for me, but you're on your own! Take a backup before doing anything and store it somewhere safe. Better get ready to access the box via wifi because wired might not come up!


That's great news, thanks a lot!
I'm currently building it but it can't test it before the weekend.

Does anyone know if the FXS port can be enabled on the 7530? On xrx200 you needed to reserve the second core for this, but not sure if this is also the case on 7530? I read something on the wiki that the dts should be adapted for this. I found no such section in the current dev branch for the device.

There is no support for phone ports on any AVM device (it seems to be implemented using the DECT chip, and there is no driver for that).

Thanks! DSA was what I was waiting for.
I can report that I am running dea1d85123 whiteout issues for a week now.

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The DSA PR has been merged, so rebased & pushed.


Thanks for keeping your branch up-to-date! I'm currently rebuilding and I will update my device a bit later today.

Btw, the instructions on upgrading worked great, but my sysupgrade didn't know the option --ignore-minor-compat-version, so I just used -F.

The --ignore-minor-compat-version way is annoying too, because with just that you'd have to keep on using it on every incremental update.

A nicer way is to tell the system that its network config has been adapted to DSA:

uci set "system.@system[-1].compat_version=1.1"
uci commit
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The build succeeded and it works perfectly fine - now the 7520 that I'm currently on is the perfect solution for this small flat.

Does the DSA patch has any performance improvements?

Random drive-by suggestion: is it possible some stat counter overflowed when it should/could roll over?

Not accounting for the gremlins in the machines like a static glitch somewhere.

what a legend, absolute flawless DSA working great.

the only thing missing is the overclock patch doesn't work anymore, expected?

maybe I messed something up, will try to compile again fresh with the overclock patch inside 5.10 kernel folder


i've had a build running since right before master switched to dsa for ipq40xx
very stable

DSL Status
Line State:Showtime with TC-Layer sync
Line Mode:G.993.2 (VDSL2, Profile 17a, with down- and upstream vectoring)
Line Uptime:28d 17h 59m 58s
Data Rate:110.364 Mb/s / 40.401 Mb/s
Max. Attainable Data Rate (ATTNDR):115.655 Mb/s / 41.838 Mb/s
Latency:0.14 ms / 0.00 ms
Line Attenuation (LATN):12.1 dB / 13.8 dB
Signal Attenuation (SATN):12.1 dB / 14.3 dB
Noise Margin (SNR):7.5 dB / 7.9 dB
Aggregate Transmit Power (ACTATP):13.3 dB / 1.9 dB
Forward Error Correction Seconds (FECS):9239 / 810697
Errored seconds (ES):0 / 799
Severely Errored Seconds (SES):0 / 121
Loss of Signal Seconds (LOSS):0 / 0
Unavailable Seconds (UAS):131 / 131
Header Error Code Errors (HEC):0 / 0
Non Pre-emptive CRC errors (CRC_P):0 / 0
Pre-emptive CRC errors (CRCP_P):0 / 0
ATU-C System Vendor ID:Broadcom 177.197
Power Management Mode:L0 - Synchronized

still asking myself whats the benefits of dsa to swconfig

Are you still waiting or did your self answer that? :face_with_monocle:

The first paragraph of the first hit when searching for openwrt dsa:
DSA stands for Distributed Switch Architecture and is the Linux kernel subsystem for network switches. Because upstream kernel development now uses DSA, the OpenWrt Project is implementing DSA to replace the earlier swconfig framework. Many new routers also use DSA drivers instead of swconfig drivers.

DSA is proper if your network has many openwrt switches, easy to manage and implement mass changes across the network at once.

Asked for the benefits but ok :wink:

It's implied in that paragraph :wink:

swconfig is an OpenWrt specific solution, dsa is the linux upstream counterpart. The former needs to be maintained here and the supported hardware is limited to what this community implements. dsa gets rid of that maintenance burden and allows OpenWrt to just use the current and any future driver "for free".

Like these mentioned here

Compared to

CPU overclock patch now working fine after second compile, all working sharp @dhewg

only compiles with kernel 5.15.71, guess that is expected there is no option for testing or normal kernel on make config as previously, unless is possible to compile with 5.10.xx also?


I've just updated (clean flash) to the post DSA patch of and I have noticed that Network->Switch in LuCI doesn't exist. Has anyone who has done the update as mentioned in Adding support for VRX518 (and maybe VRX320) - #245 by dhewg kept the settings menu in LuCI? I'm not sure if this is a me problem or an OpenWrt problem, although I thought that LuCI supports DSA switch config in the UI.