Adding Support for Verizon CR1000A

What BDF do you use?

update: compared my iw phy2 info output, it's identical to yours :frowning:

I'm using this BDF:
But it doesn't really work. The radio turns on but is not detected by the client.

All: first working version with 6.6 Kernel

Known issues:

  • (harmless/no impact?) seldom race condition/thread dump on boot initializing PCI-E bus.


  • 6.1 config backups won't work

@robimarko: rebased on latest and 6G radio is now initialized correctly with hw_mode=a; but see issues


WPA3-SAE works just fine for me

Have to say that it did start to work. Probably my mistake

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Some good news I guess? Requested GPL sources from ASUS for their MoCA enabled routers and after a month+ of forth and back got the mxl37xx GPL driver source code!

@robimarko any hints/guides on how to integrate such SDKs with OpenWRT?

It should go into the Linux kernel...

Anyone in the New York City area willing to solder and flash my router for me? I’m 100% gonna break my router if I try and I’m really hating the Verizon firmware that’s on it.

Ask a repair shop. But I'm afraid you are already on non-jailbroken version. Is yes, then you would need the emmc chip desoldered, but that's unexplored route

Well none since you cannot really integrate but rather port it to into a proper kernel driver

Anyone got this firmware for CR1000B?
The link is not vaild.

Ok, let me try to start small and add it as a kernel module similar to your advise on LED. I read the code a bit and seems like a lot of stuff actually happens in userspace, driver itself is not too large.

Any docs on how to setup the build process? Tried to follow the led driver but make says it can't find some recipy.

rebased on the latest (still seeing this thread crash in the log sometimes...).


It really is a beast. Thanks!

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Hey everyone, kinda new here and was intrigued with the process y'all went through, but just could not find a clear current procedure to flash the router with the firmware. Do I still need a hard serial connection to JTAG? If possible, I would appreciate if someone could quickly come up with a guide to flash the router. And as a side question if anyone has a clue, do I have to buy the router first before modifying it if I'm a Fios customer?

The serial connection is required; but the main problem is that you router was likely force-updated to a newer firmware version which doesn't have a jailbreak.

I have been using the router as a pure AP since I got it. It is currently on version

rebased version:

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you firmware should work; but

Thank you. If it does open SSH I need a serial connection? Or do you mean if SSH isn't open I will need serial?