Adding support for TP-Link vx230v

I have a brand new TP-Link vx230v Gigabit dual-band WiFi 6 router.
Some main features:

  • 4 gigabit port (1x wan and 3x lan)
  • 802.11 b, g, n, ax.
  • 802.11 a, n, ac, ax.
  • CPU i think it's a dual core not Sure
  • Firmware OEM is 20 mb
  • 2 internal antennas (1×5 Ghz and 1× 2.4 GHz)

I do not have serial equipment for more info on hardware, or debugging. :frowning:

What is the possibility of getting this supported?

Any help??
Or what you need ? I'm new to openwrt

Seriously, you bump a post because there's no answer for 5,5h ?

Then don't bother, cause you'll need both.

Ask the person staring back at you in the mirror.
He's the one with the device, he'll be adding the support.

just calm down i asked you a question

You answer like that every time ? Bah

If someone comes by, saying "I've got some black box hw, I know nothing about, want it supported, but not willing to put any effort in myself.", what should the answer be ?
And why should we ?

If you want to know if it's even supportable, you'll need to at least open it up.

I never said "but not willing to put any effort in myself" .. i can buy some uart to USB e provide more info .. another guy in the forum say the exact same thing "no serial device" for an ax23

But no one has answered like you ..

I was expecting a different answer . Nevermind i think it's better to shut up .. I'll wait for a another person

Anyway thanks for your time

There's a difference, those photos were available at, I linked to them myself, yours aren't.

The same thing guy might not have been the person who added the support for the device, down the road, although I haven't checked.

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This is who will be performing those tasks.

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i have some update

i extracted the bin firmware and find some interesting info

  • CPU EN7516 dual-core CPU 900MHz MIPS 1004Kc

  • Flash 128M

  • WiFi chip MT7915

SDK_REPO_URL=" tried with wget but i can't download it

if you need more info i can provide just tell me what infos you need ... sorry if i make some grammatical errors ... i'm italian

Guess you didn't read the replies, you (might) need the info, not us.

I don't know much of programming .. this is why I'm here .. I'm just asking help on this device

I just wanna know if is possible to install openwrt on this device . But I don't know where to start

As we said, it won't happen, you own the device, you need to add it, with some
help from capable members here at the forum.

If you're serious about it, you'll need to open it up, and obtain serial console access.