Adding support for TP-Link RE190 v4 (AC750 2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi Range Extender)

@jedboy yes, I "blindly" built the image, without inspecting the device hardware internals (or connecting to UART). I was confident to do it, since, while performing the stock firmware static analysis, I was able to identify the device similarity with an existing supported model (RE200v4).
If I got stuck in a boot loop, for example, as a part of the trial & error process, I would be forced to connect to serial and work from there (e.g. load initrd etc)...


Indeed! I never managed to do this on my RE200v1 and RE200v2 because I always made a small mistake/typo.

Hi, I am considering getting an RE190. Have you submited a patch and / or documented your findings in the wiki?

Got some more info on this? Still can't find this model as officially supported.
Or could you share your unofficial files? :smiley: