Adding Support for Speedport W723V Typ B (Arcadyan VGV8539 JW22)


I'd like to add support for the Speedport W723V Typ B, it's manufactured by Arcadyan under the internal number VGV8539 JW22.
Basically all information about all chips can be found here:

I also found this git commit about a quite similar device:;a=commit;h=bf007a480a46a9fa843765a54fc2f8aa32b2683f

So I have tried writing a DTS file for the W723VB:

But I don't really know what to do next (esp. how to build an image). The development guide also didn't really help me.
Could anyone give me some advice?

get serial console access, build an initramfs based on the Fritzbox, and try to boot it (assuming the boot loader will let you).

How do I build the initramfs image? That's my main problem.

in "make menuconfig" the options under "Target image", there you can find the option "ramdisk"

No I rather mean, how to place my edited files corretly, so I can build an image for a W723V target (or otherwise said; how to create such a target so that it also shows up in menuconfig)

I think you're pretty far from there.

But you can see in the git commit, what files were modified/added in openwrt, to get the Fritzbox supported. Assuming the devices are as similar as you say, there shouldn't be much more to it.

For starters, replace the dts of the fritzbox with yours, build the ramdisk image, and see where it gets you.

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