Adding support for ramips/mt72x8/ASUS RT-N12+ B1 or RT-N11P B1

I'd like to attempt to add support for the aforementioned router(s) (since both N11P and N12+ use the same image).

There is support for them with Padavan firmware, so I'm able to get logs out if I need to.

I'd like to start by asking for recommendations on which device to base my new config on?

TP-LINK TL-WR841N v13.x

Wikidevi is not up-to-date regarding OpenWrt support.

The first place to look for OpenWrt support is the OpenWrt ToH.


For some reason the table of hardware link isn't working for me at the moment, but it will show by CPU etc which helps.

From a brief scan it looks like your router has a lot on the MT7628NN chip like wifi and the switch.

There appear to be multiple TP Link routers based on that chip supported by openwrt. I noticed some of the DTS include the TPLINK-8M.dtsi which has partitions defined in it. They may be specific to TP Link 8M routers. You may want to look at others like the TL-WR84NV5.dts. Its MT7268NN also, but the DTS defines its own partitions.

Recently, Asus rt-n11p B1 is supported in snapshot, how about Asus rt-n12+ B1 ?

Devices ASUS RT-N12+ B1, ASUS RT-N11P B1, ASUS RT-N12E C1, ASUS RT-N300 B1 have the same FCC ID: MSQ-RT1P00

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same firmware(hash) for both models

Edit: Installed openwrt snapshot Asus rt-n11p b1 firmware to Asus rt-n12+ B1 Via tftp and it worked flawlessly.

support added in my LEDE fork for Asus RT-N10p v3/RT-N11p-b1 and RT-N12-vp-b1 see [Testing] lede-17.01 security backports for 4/32 devices