Adding support for Netgear MS108EUP-100

Dear dev team,
This switch got reduced heavily in price and when it comes to price/performance is quite a good deal. I see that it uses the same chip as zyxel_xgs1250-12


Do you think it can be supported in the future or there is a reason why it can be a no-go. Interested whether i should buy it now with the hope it will be onboarded soon.

Devices are added to OpenWrt when people who own the device add support it. Apart from the main SoC, not much seems to be known about this device.
The only real chance is: Buy it, disassemble it, do the required research and add support for it.

Thanks for the (albeit very obvious) advice. What I want to avoid here is to buy it and find out it is not possible later in the process (especially needing to open it).

If the serial's exposed, you could do some non destructive/invasive research, and send it back.