Adding support for MiniBox v3.2

I'm writing a patch to add a new device from Gainstrong named MiniBox v3.2

  • chipset: QCA9531 (802.11bgn)
  • CPU frequency: 650MHz
  • RAM: 128Mbyte
  • ROM: 16MByte
  • PCI: QCA9887 (802.11ac)
  • Size: smaller than credit card

A couple of photos more


It comes from factory with OpenWRT CC, here all information regarding the stock firmware

Is there an official patch for MiniBox v3 based on OpenWRT CC

The difference between MiniBox v3 and V3.2 is that the second comes with an extension PCI WiFi board QCA9887 (802.11AC)

Also the HWIDs are different:
MBv3 -> 3c000105
MBv3.2 ->3c00010c

Pull request already sent

Almost everything works. Current detected issues (help would be apreciated):

  1. I've modified mach-gs-minibox-v3.c to support PCI (original patch did not support it). But I'm not very sure about how this mach.c files works, a review would be very welcome.

  2. There are some warnings/errors regarding the ath10k firmware, no idea if it has a real impact or not in the WiFi operation.

  3. Sysupgrade does not work (not even using -F). However factory binary uploaded to Uboot HTTPD works fine.

Here dmesg and logread of the resulting LEDE firmware. Both WiFi radios work (at least in AP mode).


Can you apply the patch and upload that to GitHub.
This way it is really hard to look at code

Done at

Thank you for your work! Does this patch also work for the Minibox V3 which does not have the extra QCA9887 wifi?

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