Adding support for Mercusys MR90X

I just installed one yesterday, but fw_printenv didn't have the tp_boot_idx set at all. The bootcmd booted from UBI0 anyway. I've

fw_setenv tp_boot_idx=0

just in case, but maybe TP-LINK no longer uses tp_boot_idx?

Loaded OpenWrt 23..05.0 using SSH/Telnet using guide at

Did step 18 (sysupgrade -n /tmp/sysupgrade.bin) using .bin from guide.

On reboot get the "System running in recovery (initramfs) mode" error message.

Tried multiple squashfs-sysupgrade.bin and router does not upgrade.

Currently I have successfully reverted to stock using long press rest/wps button while connecting power.

I have upgraded Mercusys firmware to Mercusys MR90X(EU)_V1_1.0.1 Build 20230808 firmware.
Root SSH access via is still active.

This isn't error message. Please show the fw_printenv output.

Will do when I try again, might be after the holidays,

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The MR90X died over the holidays and has now been returned.

Can anyone explain how to roll back to stock firmware? I downloaded the firmware from the official website and install it: "System -> Backup / Flash firmware" choose .bin file. But i have error:

If i choose "force upgrade" router just reset settings. What i do wrong?

You can use debricking instruction. See device page on OpenWrt wiki for details.

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Dear community!

In the near future i would like to buy one of these router. I want use it in dumbAP mode, with fix ip address. How reliable is it with openwrt? Can it use the full speed of 2.5 gpbs wan port?

Thank you!

it's reliable, main issue are the mt76 wireless drivers which are being debugged.

The hardware revision is problem? Only V1.0 is supported, or V1.2 too?

Stock binaries for the both revisions are the same. It's a good news. Need tests.

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I've not seen any stock firmware for just v1.2

what kind of issues? I want to get this router and use it as AP

Thank you

There's a WED lock issue in the 23.05.2 stable release.
New wireless drivers were added on the Openwrt master tree in January 2024.