Adding support for Huawei HG659


I have a Huawei HG659 that I would like to install OpenWRT on. I've found on its page that it is not supported. It is a supported platform as it has a BCM63168. I do not need DSL and just would like WiFi. How much work would it take to do this?

Thanks in advance.

How slow would you like it to be ?

That seems pretty slow. If I put in the effort, in theory, would I be able to program my own drivers?

In theory, everything's doable...
You'll save a lot of time if you just buy some other, supported, device.

"A lot" ~= years, pl.

On the router's page there is a link to the OEM firmware. Would it be possible to use the kernel (and therefore the drivers as well) in the image or are there some features OpenWRT requires that would not be found in the kernel?

It was asked and answered in OpenWrt with DD-WRT kernel. Is it possible? quite recently.
Even if topic says ddwrt, the answer's the same.

I too am interested in having this device supported, though for me I do not need wifi or DSL, just ethernet wan and lan.

I found the GPL code of this device some time ago here , but I unfortunately lack the skill to utilize it or to attempt adding device support. Hopefully though the sources will help an interested developer.