Adding support for Engenius EWS660AP

Hi, I am looking to build OpenWrt for an ath79 based Engenius EWS660AP Outdoor Access Point.

I have never created an build config for OpenWrt before but I did build OpenWrt a couple of times already.

What are the steps involved?

Thank you for your help.

Here are some files I extracted from the AP:

I already had a look at those.
The questions I am having are:

  • How to I implement the memory map of the device so I get a correct image?
  • All of this seems a bit too easy. May there be anything I'm forgetting?

What do you mean by 'memory map'?

You'll need to create a basic DTS to start with, and build a ramdisk image with that so you can boot off that and work towards full support (booting from RAM won't break stuff, writing broken images to flash will).

You'll need to find out things like GPIOs used (reset button e.g. but not just that), it helps if your device was supported on ar71xx because that would mean there's a machine file that would already contain a lot of info.

Ah I'm sorry.
The word I meant was flash map.
Is that important? Or is the only important thing, that the bootloader is in the right place?

Also the stock firmware is a openwrt build from 2016.
Is there a way to extract a build config from that?

No, you do need the correct flash layout, lest you overwrite radio calibration data and other configuration stuff the OEM might have implemented. So you need to figure out how your flash chip is 'partitioned'. /proc/mtd on the OEM firmware should show you the names & sizes of partitions. That's what you'll build on. That is part of the first link @frollic gave you. The pages might be dense but they're so for a reason, you need to read them thoroughly.

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Okay. That makes sense.
I already got the flash layout (see the GitHub repo).
So how do I configure a build config?

Look at similar hardware already supported (starting with the same SoC), check the makefiles in target/linux/ath79/image/ for pointers. DTS files are also sorted by SoC. Wikidevi often has technical info on what's inside. And based on /proc/mtd contents of the OEM firmware you write the flash part of your DTS.

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Thanks. I will look into that.
I already had a look at WikiDevi but nothing there.

Are you sure? I'm finding this page... Gives you something to go on at least, looks like it's a family of APs with similar hardware.

dmesg also contains a lot of useful info (SoC e.g.), you can look at the QCA9558 DTSes for pointers, and check the ath79 Makefiles to see if Engenius uses some custom magic e.g. for its firmware images - OpenWrt needs to mimick that for factory images.

@niklasarnitz I have ENS1750 which is same hardware (and same FCC ID) and I will be adding it when I have the time. When I am at the point of testing images we can work together fo see if theres any differences other than the image preparation (I have already grabbed the OEM firmware downloads and unpacked them to compare the stored "modelname" for the OEM sysupgrade

should be an easy one :slight_smile:

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That sounds great.
I have several of them here so I can test without having to fear bricking one of them.
They should be pretty easily recoverable over TFTP tho.

I have compiled some information extracted from the running device here:

GitHub - niklasarnitz/ews660