Adding Support for DRA-2060

Hey all,

I am trying to add support for the D-link dra-2060, it's a Wi-Fi extender device, but has a capable CPU (mt7621at), with 16MiB Flash and 128MiB RAM, 1 Ethernet port and 2 wireless chips ( So I suppose it should be able to run OpenWRT as other D-Link products with very similar specs are capable as well.

I am a very novice hardware developer, with no experience in Linux DTS what so ever. I am trying to compare DTS files of other similar hardware and try to figure out how to make one for the DRA-2060, but really confused regarding! So there is the dir-882 and the dir-878, which are supposed to have the same CPU, RAM and Flash size. However there it's a xx60 series, so should I include the mt7621_dlink_dir-xx60-a1.dtsi or the mt7621_dlink_dir-8xx.dtsi or the mt7621_dlink_flash-16m-a1.dtsi? I am supposing that I should use a mixture of the three but not sure where to start with learning that!
Second, is there a way to extract the dts file from the original binary (firmware)? as I suppose it should be some flavor of embedded Linux as well

You should start by reading the wiki articles like

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I already read this page; it offers no information on dts whatsoever!
I decrypted the original firmware; would that make it easier to extract the dts information?

yes - find the *.dtb file and read it with the correct tools :slight_smile: