Adding OpenWrt to a multiboot system

How would I go about adding OpenWrt x86 to a multboot system?

Would I need to create separate partitions for boot and rootfs?

I suspect I can add the grub entries to my existeing grub.cfg.

Since theres mutiple ways to configure a system, that depends on you.

Here's 2 methods:

  • properly install OpenWrt to a second drive ans add it to the system
  • copy the partition(s) onto the disk and reconfigure grub

In a previous thread, you noted that you prefer to manually edit grub. The tools should also work, though.

I apologize I can't provide more insights, since I always use offline tools to edit drive partitions.

I have added two ext4 partitions to my disk, and copied the files from an existing OpenWrt installation but can't figure out the Grub menuentry. No idea where to get a PARTUUID from...

And how exactly do I do this on FreeBSD?

I think it´s glabel...

You could also use a partition label instead of the part uuid.

There seems to be a problem with Grub being able to identify the filesystem.

At a grub> prompt I run ls (hd0,gpt5) and grub responds with 'No known filesystem detected'

I can mount the partition from FreeBSD using ext4fuse, and I can also mount it if I boot Debian from another disk, so I don't know what is missing.