Adding OpenWrt support for ZBT WG155

Hello community!

I have a ZBT WG155 router, and unfortunately I can't see it in the supported devices tab. I have ssh'd into it and I see this:

uname -a 
Linux QSDK 4.4.60 #247 SMP PREEMPT Wed Nov 7 16:03:20 CST 2018 armv7l GNU/Linux

And I googled what Linux QSDK is, turns out it's a project based on OpenWrt with some support for extra stuff, that usually get merged upstream...

I was wondering, are there any other router images that I could possibly run this with? If I were to add support for this router, how hard would it be? Whom can I contact for the details of the drivers? Who adds the support for these routers in the community? are they hired by ZBT itself or are they hobbyists?

If the sepcifications are correct, it's an ipq4019 SOC, which is supported in OpenWrt - but that doesn't mean you could 'just flash' another image (chances would be almost 100% that it a) hopefully wouldn't succeed, b) brick the device beyond repair), you will have to port your device to OpenWrt properly.