Adding OpenWrt support for Xiaomi "Redmi Router AX6S"/"Xiaomi Router AX3200"

I successfully used the script from jmceleney above ( to enable netmode:4 and then used to enable SSH using a Windows PC connected with LAN cable.


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Do i need an another xiaomi router to enable telnet and ssh into ax3200 ? Can you please tell me exactly how you enabled telnet from the beginning ?

no, you do not need another router.

Just run the from above ("pip install requests" if you get an error, and you need python 3.8 and later) and then run the xmir-patcher from above. This enables SSH on your device.


Thanks for clarifying it. but i cant find this xmir patcher from Github page. probably its down. can you pls. upload the latest version of Xmir patcher if you have it ?

Hi Manu,

Does this link work for you?


yes. how do i execute Python Script ? i have latest Python installed on my Windows. Can you pls. elaborate on the Steps which you executed ?

Just run run.bat on windows for xmir-patcher...

This is the error i am getting in running Python Script....

i have installed he Python 3.8 on my Windows and rebooted. After that i tried to execute script and i am getting the above error... Xmir Patcher fails to proceed because i have not yet enabled the Netmode 4 !
Any help pls....

See here the Error in Xmir patcher....

i have this update now...

how do i proceed further ? which file should i flash now ? factory or initramfs.recovery.itb ???

Finally i found out on how to do it and got openwrt installed

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Over the past month, I have flashed about a dozen routers, both Chinese and global versions.
All routers were only bought in different places, including in China, and not on one of these routers did WiFi work on the snapshot. Is there any other version of these routers?
Am I flashing the wrong firmware?
Or is it a snapshot issue that hasn't been fixed in months?

Help. Don`t work radio0 (2.4Ghz), MT7622. In stock frimware 2.4Ghz work

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Sorry, I may be knocking on the wrong door since @gyrex may be too busy to reply.

It is regarding about:

How do I install this particular firmware which apparently has the MediaTek proprietary drivers? Hack into the router first, then install as per normal, factory.bin first, then 2nd, is sysupgrade.bin?

Thank you.

factory.bin - The file for the first installation when switching from native firmware to OWRT.
sysupgrade.bin - File for updating the already installed OWRT firmware.

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anyone installed 22.03.4?

Thanks for your reply. that simple ya?! :thinking:

Login into the Xiaomi MiWIFI firmware, and just upload the bin file, flash it.

Next, login into OWRT and flash it with sysupgrade.bin file right?

Does it matter which version I have? RB01 global version or RB03 Chinese version?

Thank you.

No it is not true!
The instructions for RB01 and RB03 are completely different and specifying the OWRT firmware through the router's web interface is not correct.
Read the instructions, install the missing software and try flashing OWRT. If you are lucky, you will succeed the first time, but most likely you will not be lucky))).

Yes, I know the RB01 and RB03 instructions for installing OWRT are different.

So, I guess, I need convert the OEM firmware to OWRT first, then only flash it with

Do you have RB01 or RB03?

You need to get access to the console either by Telnet, UART or SSH - install a temporary OpenWRT and then flash with the sysupgrade firmware.

Follow this guide:

If you have RB03 and telnet is not enabled, you can still use the 2 Python scripts I mentioned above to get the router in Netmode 4 and then enable SSH.


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I have both, and the RB01 global version has Telnet enabled.
while RB03 Chinese firmware has Telnet disabled.