Adding OpenWrt support for Xiaomi AX6000

Update : AX6000 FW version at exploit time 1.0.53

How is the status of this work, does openwrt support Xiaomi ax6000 already?

I have 3 Xiaomi AX6000, I really want that firmware on my routers. Any update ?

any updates on support?

There is no one working on ipq50xx so far, don't expect any progress to happen.

I got AX6000 running using QCN SDK and copying multiple files from the original xiaomi rom. Unfortunatley now I need to finish my university so I will not have time to publish that. If anyone would like to try the there are two ways:

  1. adjust xiaomi rom wiping most of the userspace and putting original openwrt. This works quite well except it leaves you with potential backdoors inside the xiaomi kernel.
  2. use qcn-sdk and copy firmware dts files for xiaomi rom - this takes quite some time but it's most safe way to do it.

I plan to publish mine by the end of december.


Thank you. I hope it works out for you.

Anyone is working to support OpenWrt to Xiaomi ax6000.
I have been reading many threads but did not understand if there is or not a support.
Appreciate any help.

The short answer is no.

ipq50xx and ipq60xx depend on the basic infrastructure work being done for ipq807x first (but still require quite some unique efforts on top). There won't be much movement before ipq807x is merged and working. Also keep an eye on the system specifications of these devices, 512 MB RAM will be a hard minimum for devices with ath11k.

If you want something fully functional now, look at mt7622+mt7915 - if you're interested in QCA hardware, prefer ipq807x (ax3600, ax9000) which is at least somewhat in sight and being worked on (but far from ready as well).

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As you are mentioning mt7622/7915 do you have a recommendation of an easily available device? All I can find is mt7621.

My ax3600 is currently collecting dust...

fully working:

early work in progress:

Thanks for your quick reply.
Unfortunately there is no source available here. Maybe have to research if there is an ac only mt7622 version available here.

Hi @ss7pro , Happy new year :slight_smile: wish you finish university with success .

Do you have any update for us ? I would like to try something .
I like idea of simple solution like replacing user space part with original OpenWRT part and live with possible kernel hack.
But ready to try QCN-SDK solution also.
Do you have information where to obtain QCN-SDK ?
Maybe any other guides ?

I believe the tool he mentioned is this:


any news let me know please.

I'm out of time right now, but I'll try something soon too.